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Philippine Orchid Medinilla magnifica

Medinilla magnifica belongs to the family Melastomataceae

As the specie name indicates this is very showy magnificent species of Medinilla which is commonly known as the Philippine orchid and locally is known as kapa kapa

The spectacular Medinilla magnifica is native to Philippines being found growing mainly as an epiphyte on the islands of Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros just a relatively short trip from our base in Biasong Bay and Panay were it is found growing in the forks of large trees in forests on humid hill sides and mountain forest at an altitude of between 300 and 1400 meter

The flowers grow in panicles up to 50 cm long, with ovoid pink bracts. The individual flowers are up to 25 mm in size, and are pink. The fruits are violet, fleshy berries, about 1 cm wide which are full of very small seeds that are eaten by fruit eating birds which distribute them on trees throughout the forest where if the conditions are favourable germinate and develop into new plants.

botanical adventure tours biasong bay cebu philippines

Philippine Evergreen
Aglaonema commutatum

Aglaonema commutatum known as the Philippine evergreen belonging to the family Araceae is a very well know house plant that has been developed into numerous very showy forms which is native to hot humid forests in the Philippines.

botanical adventures biasong bay cebu philippines

Croton variegatum
Codiaeum variegatum

Codiaeum variegatum  Croton variegatum is a very popular garden and house plant that has been developed into numerous very colourful cultivars belonging to the family Euphorbiaceae.

Codiaeum variegatum  occurs naturally in Southeast Asia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, New Guinea, northeast Australia, through the western Pacific to Fiji and Vanuatu

Codiaeum variegatum  is an understory plant in well developed lowland and upland rain forest which tends to be more common at the drier end of the rain forest types and is most abundant on soils derived from recent basalt flows; at elevations up to 800 metres

Codiaeum variegatum  has large, thick, leathery, shiny evergreen leaves, alternately arranged. The inflorescences are long racemes  with male and female flowers on separate inflorescences; the male flowers are white with five small petals, the female flowers yellowish, with no petals. The fruit is a capsule in typical euphorbia form, containing three seeds. The stems contain milky sap that bleeds from cut stems.

botanical tours cebu philippine jade vine strongylobium macrobotrys

Philippine Jade Vine Strongylobium macrobotrys

For more information on the liveaboard botanical adventure tours we offer please send us an email to Mel at the address below

Based at Biasong Bay north of Cebu City the gateway to diving in the Philippines.

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